Paid Search Management

Paid Search Management

Our sophisticated PPC campaigns kick competition to the curb and lead customers straight to your door… we mean website.
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PPC means pay-per-click. When you put out PPC ads, you only pay the search engine when someone clicks the link in your ad. Our goal is to turn that click into a profitable sale.

Our SEO and PPC specialists can craft high-performing Search Engine Marketing strategies that boost your rankings through both organic and paid techniques.


Our entire creative team gets to work on your advertisements. From conception to keyword research and writing, our PPC specialists will help you with every aspect of ad development.

Whether you only have a few dollars set aside or you’re ready to go all-in, we can come up with a plan that matches what you’re willing to spend. Contact us for a quote!

Win big

Battle-tested tactics executed by PPC specialists

How often do you scroll to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th page of Google? If the answer is “Very little!” or “Never!”, there’s a good chance your audience isn’t either. When you work with New Identity Marketing for paid search management, we revive your reach after getting buried in SERPs and increase your chances of winning over customers. Your competition won’t even know what hit them.

Our Promises

Accessible PPC Specialists

Our expert PPC specialists are easily reachable. Contact us at any point during your campaign for questions or concerns.

Careful Budget Management

We care about your money as if it were our own. We don’t gamble it on risky keyword bids, only on data-backed ones

High-Converting Landing Pages

The key to any great PPC campaign is a stunning, conversion-worthy landing page. Increasing your profit is our end goal.

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